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João Pedro Lopes da Rocha, Centrauto founder

João Pedro Lopes da Rocha, Centrauto founder

It all started in 1988 when João Pedro Lopes da Rocha realized that his destiny was the business of auto parts. At the time he was working in a parts store in Ílhavo.

Within a few years, he decided to set up his own business by opening a store in Vagos, so began a career worthy of being followed.

Soon he opened another store in Mira, a place with potential for the class. Over time, several other stores were opened in the district of Aveiro. By transforming Centrauto, a name which was inspired by his father's business ("Centrolar"), in a group of professional and vertically integrated distribution, João Pedro Lopes da Rocha hit jackpot. Everything else has been possible thanks to his willingness to work, ability of organization, management and a great ease of establishing human relations based on the principles of equality, transparency and mutual respect. The two decades of Centrauto, enabled the company to strengthen the aftermarket, prosper and be recognized as the market leader in the distribution of automotive parts.

The motto is "Priority to profit" and the values of accuracy, integrity and innovation are prized above all others. Today it has a National Distribution platform in the center region, and 67 stores around the country.

A very wide range of products, has set the Centrauto as an excellent and reliable alternative to the workshops that seek quality, fast service and competitive prices, not only in terms of wear parts as other less common.

A look into the future

Centrauto is synonymous with experience, solidarity and vanguard. Not satisfied with all progress and development, Centrauto doesn’t want to slow down. With eyes set on the future, the company hopes to deliver new and significant developments for the markets in which it operates.

João Pedro Lopes da Rocha makes his vow, which is also his desire and his conviction: "I hope that in 20 years Centrauto be with the same dynamism that is currently facing and the business as it does today with great responsibility, hard work and increasing rigor and transparency. "The automobile sector and the country need to reference projects as Centrauto. We all deserve better and we will be worthy of the highest level of quality of life and more future, if we support these projects and convert them into references, nurture and sustain them. Quality, leadership and service are the three key concepts that make sense today and that Centrauto chosen for them selves, as a way to serve the automotive, serve customers and serve the country.


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