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Centrauto has a different reality from the world of distribution of parts for the automotive aftermarket and is capable of providing for immediate delivery more than 45 million different references, mechanics, bodywork and auto-electrical equipment, with 67 stores spread across the country and employing more than 320 people.

A work culture is key for creating the foundations to a successful and productive life. One of the basic principles of the organization is a priority to profitability.

Produce first, then distribute, because a company is not a government agency, funded by public income. Social justice exists when it can exist and not because someone decrees.

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The price of the products remains the undisputed main factor of competitiveness in the market, being influenced by the direct and indirect costs. To provide the best to its customers, Centrauto follows a negotiation policy and purchasing totally free and independent from circuit behavior. If the part is cheaper in Spain, it comes from Spain, if it is in Brazil, comes from Brazil and so on. Both can be purchased directly from the brand, as its distributors or resellers, since price and quality are interesting. This boldness has maid part of the competitors "... who do not know or do not want to work …” as John says Pedro Lopes da Rocha, to proclaim certain defamatory statements about the provenance of the pieces sold by Centrauto, which they describe as "Chinese".

In fact, all parts made available by Centrauto have the maker quality or equivalent, from well-known brands and established in the market. The fact that some pieces are white lines does not undermines their quality and assurance to function properly, it is just a strategy of João Pedro Lopes da Rocha, not to compete directly with domestic importers. Another way of emphasizing the efficiency of our organization and its commercial effectiveness is that Centrauto remains faithful to its specialization - mechanics, bodywork and electrical equipment - refusing to enter into sectors like tires, workshops and other equipment that are not part of your business. Nevertheless, the shelves of the new warehouse continues to expand in size and height, until exhausted the available space, which is still pretty much.


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